Lake Martin Al Rentals

Lake Martin Al Rentals

Lake Martin Al Rentals Lake Martin was an incredible location to visit before ending our Alabama go to the following day in Montgomery. The drive up State Highway 49 to StillWaters, after we bought off Interstate eighty five, was scenic, and there was not much traffic. StillWaters is a peaceful gated community with condos, properties, Harbor Pointe Marina, and a golf course.

The rental we stayed in was good! Snug, clear, great location, and great company. We had a ravishing view of the lake and sundown from the balcony.

That night, all of us had steak dinners at a neighborhood restaurant called Poplar Dawg's. The steak and prices have been each very good, and we had a first time expertise that night. The state of Alabama allows "brown bagging" or BYOB from home. We have been allowed to herald our personal bottle of wine to have with dinner for no charge! This was a pleasing surprise for us, since this is not allowed anyplace that I know of in Michigan. From what I learn on-line after this go to, it appears like eating places can charge a corking price at their discretion.

The next day, we went for a ship experience on Lake Martin . Lake Martin is without doubt one of the largest synthetic lakes in the United States. It was a cool day; nonetheless, it was sunny, the company was great, and we love boat rides! We loved a clean experience with beautiful scenery. The primary four pictures beneath have been taken whereas we have been on Lake Martin.

When we left StillWaters, we took AL-50/Martin Dam Road instead of State Highway 49, so that we could drive by the dam and stop for an overlook view of the lake. We observed many flowering bushes along State Highway 50, which we had not seen the day before on State Highway 49.

We thought Alabama was an incredible place to visit. In addition to the Alabama lodge opinions that I've supplied on this blog, we additionally stopped at the usALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park . It was $2 to park the car and see the surface displays. If we had had extra time, we would have toured the within of the battleship too. Lake Martin Al Rentals

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